RockIT CoLabs Hardware Lab

RockIT CoLabs is an electronics hobby store and workshop located in Chinatown. We have IoT kits and electronic parts to help you prototype your creations or feed your hobbyist passion.

Electronics Workbenches - Each with AC outlets and low voltage DC power supplies (coming soon). We also plan to have wired ethernet (with Internet of course) and USB hubs at each bench.

Tools and Test Equipment - We plan to have lots of tools and test equipment you can use for your projects. You will either be able to borrow them or buy your own from us.

Type A Machines 3D Printer - We have had our 3-D printer delivery. In case you did not know, the Type A Machine has a 10" x 9" X 9" print bed so you can build really big stuff on this machine. All "you can eat" PLA is currently included with membership

Vinyl Cutter Plotter - Our new vinyl cutter plotter is here. It is 24" wide. You can make large wall/window graphics and stickers with this machine. Vinyl is currently included with membership.

Othermill CNC Milling Machine - This cool machine will etch and mill circuit boards, soft metals, wood, linoleum (for rubber stamps) and wax molds (for jewelry casts).

Classroom  - For classes, meetups, hackathons, hack and tells, and other presentations.

Storage Lockers  - For members to keep their projects safe and sound.

Freecycle Parts  - As inventors we all wind up with parts that we can't use. The idea behind the Freecycle area is to provide a place where we can keep this sort of stuff organized. Because if you can't find what you need, you may as well buy it new at the store.