Hackers Invite

Calling all makers, coders, bootstrappers, insatiable learners and others who want to help create a new innovative tech space in the heart of San Francisco.   We have started RockIT CoLabs as a place for Coworking, hacking and startup collaboration.    We are seeking input from the San Francisco hacker and startup community to determine how to best use our new creative space.   

We're located at the corner of Kearny and Sacramento Streets and think this location is great for easy access to transportation, food, and cheap materials in Chinatown for our projects.    We are currently occupying 3 stories of a great corner building.   Coworking is upstairs and we are working downstairs on a freecycle stocked electronics lab, with a dedicated room for 3D printing, CNC milling, and a vinyl cutter plotter.    We would also like to have a real electronics parts store on the ground floor.   We also have potential access to 2 additional floors above with 5 offices that would each be ideal for small startups.

At the moment, we are pretty much an open book.   We very much welcome the opportunity to meet you, learn about your projects and see how this space would best work for you and/or your friends.   We hope you will make contact with us so we can meet.  We have already started making all three floors available for small format classes and meetups, so if you have a meetup group that needs space or have a class you would like to teach, you can request this free space on our website.

We look forward to meeting you.