Free Window Display for Hacker Projects

We now have hacker cubicles in the retail window display at our RockIT electronics store. These can be used to display some of the awesome and interesting projects from the vibrant San Francisco hacker community. Our goal is to make a free public showcase of the amazing and useful innovations that hackers are contributing to society.

Here's how it works. We have 12 cubicles measuring approximately 56cm wide by 56cm tall by 36cm depth (22"x22"x14"). 6 cubicles are facing inside and 6 are facing outside. If you would like to display your "hacker wares" either inside or outside please send Darren an email with details on what you would like to display, or just come over.

For the most part, we will leave the display, design and decoration of your cubicle up to you. However, if you want and we are able, we can provide any support, materials, power or ethernet to make your display look snazzy. You are welcome to include your contact information or a QR code in your cubicle. We will likely have you use an inside cubicle for your design and buildout and then transfer this to an outside cubicle for general public viewing once you are done.

Our plan is to rotate these displays so we can showcase a wide variety of projects over time. If it turns out there is a lot of demand for this public display space, we may need to limit the availability of this opportunity. In general we are looking for projects that show hackers in a positive light and have the potential to have a broad impact and interest to the general public. Projects that make people stop and think are particularly welcome.

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